Hello, after almost 10 years of good service, Bonjour Petit is now retiring :/
We are sad to say goodbye and we hope our toys gave you a lot of joys throughout all those years together.
It was our pleasure servicing you.

Our distributor launched a new website, bearmerchant.com, where you can still find some of our products.
If you have any questions about Bonjour Petit or a past order, please reach out to Bear Merchant directly.

Be safe!
Once upon a time...Moulin Roty's new collection!

Once upon a time...Moulin Roty's new collection!

Once upon a time...Moulin Roty's new collection!

Just in! New "Il était une fois" hand puppet characters by Moulin Roty

To celebrate the arrival of some new hand puppet characters in the shop, Bonjour Petit put together a small surprise for you: a show featuring some of the fairytale characters from the "Il était une fois" collection! Give a warm round of applause for the Alluring Dame, the Oh-so-Gallant Cat, the Gentleman Wolf and the Owl Magician!

Sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

"Hi everyone, I'm Little Red Riding Hood! I am walking through the forest to meet some friends; we organized a big celebration together!"

Little Red Riding Hood - Moulin Roty

" Oh goodness, no!! Here comes the Big Bad Wolf ! Please don't eat me!!" But the wolf rushes Little Red Riding Hood away and they both disappear...

Little Red Riding Hood and Gentleman Wolf - Moulin Roty

Here comes the Gallant Cat. "Hello everyone ! I'm going to a party on the other side of the wood with some friends. We're going to share a delicious cake together. By the way, have you seen Little Red Riding Hood? She is always the first to arrive!"

Gallant Cat - Moulin Roty

Before anyone in the audience has time to reply, the cat is also kidnapped by the the Big Bad Wolf!

Gallant Cat - Moulin Roty

Who is this beautiful young lady? Why it's the Alluring Dame ! This half fairy, half princess character is  undoubtedly known for her natural elegance...
"Hello everyone!  By any chance did you see a Gallant Cat or Little Red Riding Hood walking by? I was supposed to meet them on the other side of the forest, and I think I got lost... This is such a long road, I'll take a break here... "
The Alluring Dame - Moulin Roty
Before the Alluring Dame even has time to catch her breath, the Big Bad Wolf is back and kidnap her too!

The Alluring Dame - Moulin Roty

The Wolf greets his audience, a happy and victorious look on his face. He thinks he has won and will get all the cake for himself! But he has no idea that a twist awaits ...

The Gentleman Wolf

"Game over Mister Wolf, you will not get me! " says the owl from the top of his tree. The Big Bad Wolf looks up and lets out a gasp as he realizes he's been had!

The Magician Owl

After taking care of the Wolf with one of his famous magic tricks, the Magician Owl saves all of his friends. Now that they are finally together, they can enjoy this delicious cake!

...And, because a tale always ends happily... the four friends forgive the Wolf and invite him to have some cake! As if by magic, the Wolf has turned into a perfect gentleman!

Il etait une fois Collection - Moulin Roty 

** THE END **

The wooden puppet theatre is available here and you can view the full collection of Moulin Roty hand puppets here!


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