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Moulin Roty - Storybook lamp
  • Moulin Roty - Storybook lamp
  • Moulin Roty - Storybook lamp
  • Moulin Roty - Storybook lamp

Storybook Torch

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Moulin Roty Storybook Torches encourage the fine art of story-telling. Simply insert a colorful story disc into the flashlight, dim the lights and shine the projected image onto a flat surface. 

Create tales of magic and spectacle with Les Histoires Du Soir's collection of assorted cutouts and storybook torch sets.

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About Moulin Roty - French Toy Maker

Presented by Bonjour Petit, Moulin Roty is a French toy company that has been crafting quality toys and their accompanying stories for 40 years. With a focus on preserving the childhood soul, Moulin Roty is devoted to promoting "softness, fantasy and tenderness." Each character is designed in France using the finest French fabrics and material​s.​ Moulin Roty is ​also ​very proud to be a worker-owned cooperative, putting quality, creativity and excellence first!

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French details

Lampe à histoires Les petites merveilles:
Lampe torche de poche comprenant trois disques à emboîter. Chacun des disques, projeté sur le mur raconte une histoire en couleur:- 1: Le cirque arrive en ville- 2: Panique à la ménagerie- 3: Le lion s'est échappé de la ménagerie, sauve qui peut !Illustrations dans un style très années 50, un p'tit air « à la Jacques Tati ».

Collection: Les Petites Merveilles - Moulin Roty

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