Le Voyage d'Olga Fishing Game

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Sorry, this item is currently sold out.

How many fish can you catch? Each piece counts for a number of points, the player with the most wins the game. But fishers beware, if you catch the crab you lose your points!  This 2 player game comes with 12 magnetic pieces, 2 magnetic fishing poles and one "fishing pond".  Assembly required.

Size: 7.5x7.5x4.5", Age: 3+

Join Olga, the wild and majestic Mother Goose and her little ones, Bambou, Plumette and Flechette on their grand voyage! Along the way, Olga graces each new encounter with the gift of a lucky feather worn around her neck.

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Jeu de pêche à la ligne Le Voyage d'Olga
Jeu de pêche à la ligne, comprenant un décor en carton illustré à monter, deux cannes à pêche et 12 pièces aimantées poissons et crustacés, numérotées. Le but du jeu est de récolter un maximum de pièces rapportant chacun, un certain nombre de points.

Collection: Le voyage d'Olga - Moulin Roty

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