About Moulin Roty

Moulin Roty represents 40 years of dreams and softness.
Moulin Roty toys are designed in France using the finest french fabrics and materials. Each new collection is an addition to the Moulin Roty family: from the funny "Jolis Pas Beaux" (literally the "Pretty Uglies") to the timeless "La Grande Famille", a multitude of characters and stories have punctuated the years.
Every day, Moulin Roty strives to create a soft world for kids to explore, dream and play with the best quality toys!
Moulin Roty is very proud to be a worker-owned cooperative, putting quality, creativity and excellence first.

For a full detailed history of Moulin Roty, please visit their website at: www.moulinroty.com/en/the-adventure

Moulin Roty top 10 facts 

1. In 2012 Moulin Roty celebrated its 40th anniversary!

2. Moulin Roty is a tiny communal village in western France that began in 1972 as a quest for a healthier and more rewarding lifestyle.

3. Moulin Roty searches for the very best materials, selecting most of their fabrics from France and the rest from Europe because of their design and technical quality, as well as their non-toxicity. (Oeko-Tex certified).

4. All solid wood used, mainly beech wood, comes from forests that are managed ecologically and that respect quotas for felling and re-planting.

5. All our toys are tested according to the European Standard EN71 parts I, II, II & IV and the American Standards specified in the CPSIA.

6. In 1975 The Moulin Roty Toy Company launched 2 toys: a car made of wood and sponge, and a soft rag doll named “la douillette” that charmed everyone with its originality. The car received orders for over 1,500 pieces and propelled the Moulin Roty Workshop into the toy & nursery markets.

7. In 1980 Moulin Roty becomes a worker-owned cooperative. To ensure the development and the durability of the company, the founding members adopt the status of Co-op (SCOP in French) to be able to preserve the founding values of the brand: solidarity, sharing and respect.

8. Moulin Roty is marketed only to independently-owned specialty toy and gift stores in the US through their American partner, Magicforest, Ltd.

9. Moulin Roty has over twenty marketing themes ranging from charming plush characters, to wooden toys to playful accessories and games. Two of the best-selling themes are: La Grande Famille collection is a family clothed in the finest French fabrics and designed to delight all who meet them. Les Jolis pas beaux – literally translated: “The Pretty Uglies”- were created in 2008 from a multitude of scrap fabrics. Their odd and crazy look has won the hearts of the US Market.

10. Today Moulin Roty offers more than 800 different items and each year 1.5 million products leave the company for destinations both near and far across the globe.


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