Focus on Moulin Roty product quality

Moulin Roty's aim is to make you dream with their sweet and poetic characters, but also to provide toys of the utmost reliability that answer to current safety standards and regulations.

The technical know-how of Moulin Roty's partners is essential in determining where they manufacture their products. Given the company’s history and their status as a cooperative, they are resolutely open to the world and vigorously defend their values with all who accompany them in the process of creating a product.

To answer such high standards, they observe the following criteria :

Strong emotional value : their products are real characters that tell stories . . .

Each one is the fruit of much work from their creative team. He or she passes through the hands of their illustrators and stylists, who create an entire world of color and material specifically for him or her. This work is carried out at the heart of Moulin Roty, in Nort-sur-Erdre, France.

Search for high-quality, gentle materials

They select most of their fabrics in France and in Europe for their creativity and their technical quality, as well as their non-toxicity (the majority are tested by their suppliers following the system of reference Oeko-Tex).

High quality requirements during manufacturing process

They work with factories and workshops that are selected with the greatest care. They are situated in Romania and France, as well as in China and Taiwan. They are above all partners with whom they have a long lasting relationship. Those partners work in the respect of Moulin Roty's quality specifications, with controls secured at every stage of the production.

Children’s safety is a priority

Every toy is tested and approved by an independent French laboratory. All Moulin Roty toys are in compliance with the European standard NF-EN71 and bear the CE mark, which confirms they passed all tests, such as :
Mechanical tests (no small part must detach itself when pulling at 90Nt force)
Flammability tests (to control the speed with which flames progress)
Chemical tests (to control the migration of heavy metals)

More controls to make sure that every item is as reliable as possible

Bedding items, such as sleeping bags and cot bumpers are tested to control that there are no small elements which could be a danger for your child. Moulin Roty ensures that the materials used are soft and gentle, free from any substance which could be a problem for baby’s fragile skin.
Dish sets for baby’s meals : Moulin Roty makes sure that they are in compliance with the European regulation for cadmium or formaldehyde content for instance. Moulin Roty dish sets are free from Bisphenol A (BPA).
Any plastic part which can be placed in a child’s mouth is tested to make sure that it is phthalat-free.
Baby cots and changing surfaces are tested according to babycare safety standards.
Moulin Roty products do not contain hazardous substances as listed in the annex XVII of REACH regulation at more than 0.1% of their weight.

Safety and informative texts on their packaging

Please read and keep hold of any information written on Moulin Roty packaging. T pay special attention to giving you all recommendations required to use the product you just bought safely.