Blue Sailboat Traditional 4 in

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by Ogas
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It’s time to set sail! With a hull as blue as the depths of the ocean, this ship is ready for open waters. With a hand-stitched main and headsail, this vessel has an authentic simplicity that makes it look timeless. At four-inches long and with small parts, seafarers must be at least 4 years old to captain this boat.

OGAS boats have been handmade in Germany since 1898. Handcrafted from spruce wood grown in managed forests in Europe, their toy boats are eco-friendly. OGAS is the recipient of the prestigious “Spiel Gut” award for being both safe and environmentally friendly. With keels made of metal, the boats boast cotton sails and water-based, eco-friendly pigments and finishes. All of the rigging and knots are done by hand. 

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