Moulin Roty - Mini Town Blocks
  • Moulin Roty - Mini Town Blocks
  • Moulin Roty - Mini Town Blocks
  • Moulin Roty - Mini Town Blocks

Mini Town Blocks

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This compact and nifty toy consists of 23 beechwood pieces, each carefully silkscreened in primary colors designed for little ones to create and build their own city. Your child's mission is to build houses and buildings, and then knock it all down with the mutant bunny from Tokyo! This construction game develops your child's motor skills and imagination as well as the notiond of space, symmetry and geometry. All designs were created by Aurélien Débat.

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About Moulin Roty - French Toy Maker

Presented by Bonjour Petit, Moulin Roty is a French toy company that has been crafting quality toys and their accompanying stories for 40 years. With a focus on preserving the childhood soul, Moulin Roty is devoted to promoting "softness, fantasy and tenderness." Each character is designed in France using the finest French fabrics and material​s.​ Moulin Roty is ​also ​very proud to be a worker-owned cooperative, putting quality, creativity and excellence first!

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