Trudi - Puppet Cat & Baby

Puppet Cat & Baby

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Product Description

Perfect for newborns, first birthday or big sibling giving, these hand puppets offer interactivity without a cord or battery! Trudi created these adorable puppet sets with each baby finger puppet able to fit inside Mama’s pouch! The double-stitched fabric is soft to the touch, machine washable and sized for small hands. Let the impromptu interactions begin!

Trudi is an Italian plush company with a long tradition of making kids smile. For plush toys, Trudi is number one in Italy. Trudi was founded in 1954 by Mrs. Trudi Muller Patriarca who created the first soft toys for fun when she was just a teenager. Trudi products are hand-made, double-stitched and hand combed. All Trudi products are machine washable and come with a lifetime warranty.

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