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Trudi - Rocking horse

Rocking horse (beige)

$ 390.00
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Product Description

A Trudi Rocking Animal is one of the finest items of Trudi’s products. Like any Trudi item, all raw materials are premium quality, and the fur used is extremely soft, nontoxic and fireproof. All accessories and applied parts are firmly fixed and undergo the strictest international mechanical testing. The internal structure is the real value compared to other rocking animals on the market. The body is not simply stuffed, but is comprised of a single foam polyurethane block made from a proprietary Trudi mould. Safely inside this polysponge block is a
metal frame that can hold up to 110 pounds for endless rides!

Trudi is an Italian plush company with a long tradition of making kids smile. For plush toys, Trudi is number one in Italy. Trudi was founded in 1954 by Mrs. Trudi Muller Patriarca who created the first soft toys for fun when she was just a teenager. Trudi products are hand-made, double-stitched and hand combed. All Trudi products are machine washable and come with a lifetime warranty.

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