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Puppet Penguin & Baby

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Product Description

Mama and Baby Penguin draw young and old in from the cold! The most colorful of the pair, Mama Penguin is made of yellow, black and white fabric. Her wide, knowing and loving, blue eyes are highlighted by the blue gingham check on her baby pouch. Baby Penguin seems to be laughing at a joke his Mama told and is just as cute as can be with a mop of black fluff on top of his head. He is fashioned with soft grey and black fabrics.

Besides being incredibly fun to play with, puppets boast a number of other benefits for your developing infant or toddler.

The list of skills that imaginative puppet-play benefits is endless. Creating dialogue and movement through the puppet aids in the development of empathy, expression of feelings, social and language skills and creativity. Gross motor skills are utilized to control movements; abstract thinking aids in the development of cognitive skills; and the use of language to create interaction between the Mama and baby build vocabulary and encourage curiosity.

Trudi Mama and Baby Puppets comprise a unique collection of pairs characterized by simple lines and extraordinary softness. They are the perfect size for little hands – and yes, even mom and dad can join in the fun too! Made by the renowned Italian plush maker Trudi, you can rest assured that these puppets are safe for your little one. Trudi has been designing plush toys in Italy for more than 50 years and every piece is double stitched, machine washable and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Given their lovable appeal and many benefits it is easy to see why puppets have been a beloved toy for centuries.

About Trudi - Italian plush company

Trudi is an Italian plush company with a long tradition of making kids smile.  For plush toys, Trudi is number one in Italy.

Trudi was founded in 1954 by Mrs. Trudi Muller Patriarca who created the first soft toys for fun when she was just a teenager. Trudi products are hand-made, double-stitched and hand combed.

All Trudi products are machine washable and come with a lifetime warranty.

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